Trust: There are several different ingredients that go into the relationship between the landowner and the tenant to gain and maintain trust. Making sure we get the recipe right, day in and day out is our top priority with Ryan Grain Farm!  A landowner tenant relationship has to be maintained, if not, then all of the calculators in the world, the best deals on inputs, down to the advanced technology we use on our farms are no longer useful. Our commitment to landowners is to keep you informed of every aspect of our operation but more importantly your investment!


We incorporate the values of stewardship that we were brought up with from mowing, respecting road sides and waterways, to repairing existing tile and erosion controls.  While offering the ability for landowners to gain secure, up-to-date information on how your land is being maintained, as well as fertilizer and yield records as they become available through our website.


Equipment: We constantly adapt our operation to the expansion we experience. To be competitive with cash rent we strive to keep our equipment costs as low as possible while still being able to complete the task in a timely manner, as well as keeping up with ever changing technology. Our fleet varies in brand.  Therefore, you will see several different "colors" in our operation and feel the unique combination fulfills our every need. We have found great value in auto steer. We adopted this technology several years ago and have auto steer in every vehicle which enters a field.


Please feel free to browse the "photo" section to get a feel for the equipment used in our operation.


People: We value our employees, whom consist of both full time employment and part time positions during peek seasons.  We are loyal to our staff and in return they are loyal to our operation and return to work with us year after year.




Established 1974

History:  We have a natural chemistry between the three of us to where different portions of the farm become a priority to each one of us. This is an ever changing role as our operation expands; different portions of responsibility are delegated to different people. 


Our operation is unique in the fact that we do have separate interests in the operation but farm as one. Decisions are made as a group and executed by who the best fit is. Our method keeps everyone in the operation up to speed on what is happening as well as an interest in the whole operation to prevent conflict. Good decisions are made by all and not so good decisions are made by all. This has kept our family operation moving seamlessly in a positive direction. We currently have the opportunity to work with several different landowner throughout Christian, Montgomery and Fayette counties. Please contact us to learn more about our operation.